Digilife Technologies Limited (Formerly known as Sevak Limited) and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “DIGILIFE”) acknowledge the importance of protecting the privacy of information provided by our users, as DIGILIFE is deeply committed to privacy protection. This Privacy Policy describes our information collection and use practices as well as the privacy of information we receive from you. If we change our Privacy Policy, we will post the changes on this page, and may place notices on other pages of the web site so that you may be aware of the change. Your continued use of our services will signify your consent to our use of your information. If you do not agree, you can contact us to discuss the policy, stop usage or deregister.

DIGILIFE does not target services to individuals less than 13 years of age. Individuals less than 13 years of age are not eligible to register or initiate our services. Please register after having reached age 13.

Information Collected:

1. Personally Identifiable Information

Registration Information

In order to provide service to you, DIGILIFE collects your name, address (including postal code/zip code for Canada and the US), e-mail address, and age. If you choose not to register or provide such personal information, you can still visit most of DIGILIFE’s web sites. However, you will not have access to areas that require personal identification and you will not be able to initiate our services.

Demographic Information

DIGILIFE collects demographic information from you such as gender, occupation, and your areas of interest. This information helps us tailor material to your interests.

The registration information and certain demographic information is personally identifiable information (“PII”). We never sell or rent PII to third parties. We do not disclose your PII to third persons, except (1) your IP address always accompanies your e-mail or telephone call, (2) as required by law, valid subpoena, to comply with law or to enforce a legal right, (3) if you expressly authorize us to disclose your PII, or (4) under strict obligations of confidentiality and limitations on use, as when DIGILIFE uses a third party to accomplish a task on DIGILIFE’s behalf (e.g. DIGILIFE may send you an e-mail by using a third party whose business is transmitting such emails; the third party is not allowed to provide your PII to anyone else or to use your PII for any other purpose).

Credit Card Information

If you purchase a DIGILIFE prepaid account and pay using a credit card, we collect your credit card information, which is used for processing payments only and not for any other purpose.

Third Party Information

If you originate a telephone call or send an e-mail message to a third party, you provide us with the third party’s contact information, such as telephone number or e-mail address. We complete the call but do not retain that person’s information to contact them later, to solicit them to join our service or for other purposes. DIGILIFE has a program where we solicit the names and addresses of people who may be interested in our services. We use the information received under that program to send potential users e-mail invitations to join our service.

2. Aggregate Information

DIGILIFE collects aggregate information about use of our web site, using surveys, cookies, and data-mining technologies. We track information such as the number of visitors, duration of visits, how our site is navigated, and the kind of browsers that visits our site. Information on web site usage is anonymous information rather than PII.

We also collect information on the use of our services. While you are making a call, we track the duration of the call and keep records of that. We also keep information on where a call originates and where it terminates. We do this for both billing purposes and for recordkeeping as required by law. We use aggregate information to understand our business better so we can upgrade our infrastructure in accordance with user needs.

3. Profiles

Serving advertisements while using our services is one of the ways we pay for the services we provide. We use all of the information available to us to create profiles of our user base. Some of the information helps to create a profile of an individual user, while other information helps to create a profile of our users in aggregate. We may provide this aggregate profile information (not PII) to advertisers. For example, we may inform advertisers that we have a certain number of registered users who have an interest in a topic and are interested in receiving information about the topic. This helps to tailor information from advertisers to your interests.

Who collects information?

DIGILIFE collects registration information and demographic information from you, as described above. DIGILIFE also collects aggregate information.


Our web site sets “cookies” to help deliver content specific to your interests, to customize our web site for you, and to save your password and member name so that you don’t have to enter it each time you visit. Cookies are text files that are stored on your personal computer (“PC”) and that allow web sites to identify you. Cookies help us to target advertising and other information to your interests and prevent duplication of ads served to your browser. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your PC, web browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer provide the option to disable them. Please bear in mind that some personalized services on our web site may be affected if you choose to disable cookies.

Protection of your details

When you register for our services, purchase our services or access account details, we use a secure server. Any data provided by you is encrypted using a “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) session. SSL is an industry standard and is one of the best ways to ensure Internet messages are not intercepted. You should be aware, however, that older browsers cannot use SSL. To be sure, you will need Netscape version 6.1 or Internet Explorer browsers version 5.0 or above.

Over and above what we do to safeguard your privacy and security, there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself from Internet fraud:

Choose a password you can easily remember but others will not guess, change it regularly, and if you do write it down, keep it somewhere safe and secure.
When you have finished your session on our web site, make sure that you prevent your details from being seen by anyone that you do not wish to see them. So, if you have registered and logged in, remember to log out. Clear any “cache” so there is no record of any transactions left on screen – both Netscape and Internet Explorer let you do this. We then recommend you to close your browser that any history of the session is cleared. As an extra precaution your session on many areas of our web sites will terminate if you have not used the site for 20 minutes.

Security of internet

Public Forums

Our site may contain, from time to time, public forums available to users. Please remember that any information you disclose in these areas becomes public information. You should take appropriate measures to protect your personally identifiable information.

Co-Branded Sites

We sometimes enter arrangements with third parties whereby we make available our services through their web sites with a co-branded page that we host and serve. In some such cases, users may register for our service as well as that of the co-branded party. We use your PII and other general information in compliance with our Privacy Policy. Our co-branding partners have their own privacy policy, which you should review since we do not have control over their privacy policies.

Links to Other Web Sites

Our site may contain, from time to time, links to other web sites. Please note that DIGILIFE is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites or of any third party. You should review the privacy policies of such web sites when you visit them.


Since the Internet is not a secure medium, so be aware that communications via it are subject to third-party interception and eavesdropping.

Your consent

By submitting your information, you consent to the use of that information and other information we collect as set out in this Policy. If we change our Privacy Policy, we will post the changes on this page, and may place notices on other parts of the web site so that you may become aware of the information we collect and how we use it. Your continued use of our services will signify your consent to the changes and to our use of your information.